Our Services

DomDom services specializes in all types of drain works from installing new systems to unblocking and repairing existing systems. We have built up a reputation over the years as being the service provider to call when no one else can solve the problem. No project is too large or too small as we come equipped with all the latest systems and tools for any work required.

Installation of drainage systems and pipes

At DomDom Services apart from solving any problems related to exciting drainage systems, we are also renowned for installing new drainage systems and piping, all in a reasonable time frame and affordable prices.

Clearing and cleaning of blocked drains

It’s a nightmare no one wishes to face, but these things do happen and when they do, all you need to do is call DomDom Services (SERVICE OFFERED MONDAY TO FRIDAY.) We will solve the problem and clean all the mess up before we leave.

Repairs of drainage systems

The drainage system is something we all take for granted and hope we don’t have to deal with, but from time to time things do come up and when this happens call us and we will handle all the trouble for you and clean everything before we leave.

Cleaning, maintenance and restoration of wells

At DomDom Services we also provide well restoration services, this might be the cleaning and restoration of an old well or even a water recycling project, which allows you to use rain water for flushing toilets, cleaning floors and so on. Contact us for more information.

CCTV pipe and drainage inspection

Here at DomDom Services we are constantly investing in the latest technology. Thanks to our submersible cameras we are able to inspect your pipes and drainage system and find any problems or faults without having to remove any tiles what so ever. We invest in the latest technology to be able to provide you with the best service available.

Our services available in Malta and Gozo.

All of the above services services are offered in both Malta and Gozo so feel free to contact us and get the best service available…